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Business Phone System

SoftGrow offers business communications phone systems to small, medium and large size business. The leading supplier of carrier-grade business VoIP phone service solutions. SoftGrow IP phones organizations have founded a primarily changed method to IP PBX.

Since SoftGrow it is a built-up system, it assimilates with general industry requests, allowing you to get more out of your most valuable possessions evidence. Completed the long term, the combined organizations tools of a SoftGrow business VoIP telephone system reduce costs company-wide by restructuring business developments, putting serious information in reach, and disregarding both missed calls and the need for expensive third-party meeting services.

And here’s some of the VOIP Features:


2. Automated Attendant

3. Blacklists

4. Blind Transfer

5. Caller ID Blocking

6. Database Integration

7. Distinctive Ring

8. Do Not Disturb

9. Fax

10. CRM Integration

11. Remote Office Support

12. Roaming Extensions

13. Route by Caller ID

14. Voice mail to email Features, Groups

15. Electronic Fax Reception and sending

16. Call Detail Records, Forward on Busy

17. Call Forward on No Answer, Monitoring

18. Call Parking, Queuing, Recording

19. Direct Inward System Access (DISA)

20. Caller ID on Call Waiting

21. Flexible Extension Logic

22. Features Remote Call Pickup

23. Web Voice mail Interface