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Data Computing Platform for Universities

The solutions is based on cutting edge open sources technologies that has been around in the market for more than 10 years with solid customer reference and success stories. The key motivation is to address the inherent issues with traditional data computing platforms like Data Warehouses, Operational Data Stores, Data Marts and MD systems. At the same time, build and role a kind of standardized data model for the universities that enable compliance with standard set of attributes. One of the motivations of such offer is to provide cost-effective solution by eliminating the cost of vendor licenses and minimize the cost of the hardware by operating on commodity servers and storage. 


The solution will be generic extensible data computing platform using open source technologies while enable integration thought open standards like ODBC, JMS and WS with other vendor specific technologies. The business design will flexible to cater for each university specific requirements in extension to the standard set of components. This will be also a good opportunity to transfer such know-how the universities' staff and IT departments.